Gil’s Broiler & Manske Roll

Gil’s Broiler houses the oldest brand in San Marcos, TX. The famous Manske Roll.

Hector Sifuentes Kevin Quintero Tenoch Labs Digital Marketing
The oldest brand in San Marcos decided to start their own coffee brand. They wanted that old school nostalgic feel.
Hector Sifuentes, Kevin Quintero, Tenoch Labs, Digital Marketing, Gils Broiler, Manske Roll
Gil’s Broiler Home of the Manske Roll needed some branding.

Client Need: Gil’s Broiler and Manske Roll are both housed in the same location. The Manske Roll brand has its own week and holiday in San Marcos, Texas. They needed a campaign to promote the Manske Roll week and a rebranding of their businesses.

Client Solution: We currently are working with Gil’s online presence and currently designing a new website and taking over their company’s social media. We also created a campaign for their Manske Roll Week which attracts crowds from all over the country.

Sales for both Gil’s Broiler and Manske Roll increased due to the online presence and social media efforts.